The "Great Reorganization" Begins

January 20, 2020

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Everything You Need To Know Before The 2021 Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the richest handicap race run on turf over 3200m in the world of racing but it is also so much more.

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Season Ticket Prices and Minimum Donations at FBS Schools

Rivals has collected football season ticket prices and minimum donations at the 120 FBS schools for the 2010 season.  The donations work like NFL personal seat licenses.  Programs realize there is "money on the table" since some fans place a higher value on attendance at home games than what it costs to get season tickets.  So schools charge a fee to capture some of that value in order to generate maximum revenue. There's not a lot of surprising things in there, at least to this economist.  Ohio State tops the list with a minimum donation of $1,500 - you could […]

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More Big 10 Expansion Talk - Does Basketball Matter?

Following up on Brad's post about Big 10 expansion plans, it looks like the football coaches in the Big XII have no idea what's going on in Expando World.  At the least, they're not tipping their hands.  From Dave Matter at the Columbia Daily Tribune: Conference realignment is the biggest offseason plot line in college football. Coaches in the Big 12 are as curious as everyone else following the headlines — and fumbling in the dark for answers. Matter goes on to mention some of the candidates being bandied about, including everybody's favorite Notre Dame plus one that I mentioned […]

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You vill NOT exercise!

(Crossposted at SCSU Scholars) I had breakfast this morning, as I do many mornings, with some people associated with our university's athletics department. This morning we were talking about the voluntary training sessions for our football players. We are a D-II program (a pretty good one, though last week's loss at Omaha hurt our chances for the playoffs), and we're amazed by the size of our players. One fellow said that this was because of year-round conditioning programs, all of which are voluntary. Quarterbacks organize skill player sessions to catch footballs and run routes in the spring; lifting and running […]

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Is Hockey in Trouble?Results of an Unscientific Poll

From the Toronto Globe and Mail, an on-line voluntary poll asks, Now that talks have progressed, will you be happy to see the return of NHL hockey?The results should be cause for at least some concern. Yes: 5942 votes(38 %) No: 9655 votes(62 %) Total Votes: 15597

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Head Shots: Part of the Game?

The anticipated move by the NFL to use suspensions to penalize (some)  and deter "head shots" to players has already generated substantial feedback.  On ESPN Monday Night Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, and Matt Millen seemed ready to deliver a head shot to Roger Goodell for consideration of such a thing.  Their reasoning -- football is a "violent game," "your taking away the physicality," "this is what fans want to see."  The banality of their comments eerily remind me of scenes from Rollerball (for those alive in the 70s) or Running Man (8os) and at cross purposes with the kind of […]

March 26, 2020