Non-Pecuniary Gifts in College Football Bowls

December 7, 2019

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Although the current U.S. sports shutdown has hit all sportsbooks, including the most significant online companies and those in Las Vegas, one sector has thrived.

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Baltimore Grand Prix Update - 2012 edition

Over a year ago I posted about the agreement between the City of Baltimore and Baltimore Racing Development that brought Grand Prix racing to Baltimore. The event has come and gone, it was held Labor Day weekend, but the real excitement for a sports economist's point of view has all been post race. Because of the claimed benefits to the city, and because the event was in my backyard, Michael Friedman, from the University of Maryland, College Park sport management program, and I developed a survey that was then administered outside the gates at the Grand Prix. We asked basic […]

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Al Roth on the BCS

Here's Al Roth at Market Design: College football doesn't host playoffs. The "championship" game matches the two highest ranked teams at the end of the regular season, based on a more than usually uncertain ranking system (since some of the highly ranked teams will not have played each other). Sports Illustrated just published a story, before the championship game, saying that some of the early bowl games had low Nielsen ratings (which measure television viewership): Ratings are proof the addition of fifth BCS game officially a failure. The article notes"By removing the top two teams from the existing BCS bowls […]

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Competing for basketball and football players

In its written response to a Congressional inquiry over its tax-exempt status, the NCAA reveals that it spends more than twice as much per male basketball student-athlete in Division I ($158,000) than it does for a football student-athlete ($75,000). Is it possible that the larger size of football teams accounts for all of this, or is something else going on? Certainly scale economies play a role. Separate locker rooms and training facilities exist, but costs are spread over more players in football, even though more space is needed for the latter. Average cost of transportation probably also declines with team […]

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What are the advantages of using this white label iframe platform to bet?

Online gambling is increasing day by day with the help of different free and paid software to bet on major games to win more cash.

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Texas A&M Stays in "Varsity's" Shadow

"The eyes of Texas are upon you", that's the song they sing so well Sounds like hell, so good bye to Texas University We're going to beat you all to ... Chigaroogarem , Chigaroogarem Rough, Tough, Real stuff, Texas A&M Saw varsity's horns off -- Excerpt from Aggie War Hymn (Editorial Note:  In case there are TSE readers with A&M loyalties out there,  I have no rooting distinction UT and A&M.  I grew up in Texas, but was a fan of non-Texas teams like USC (state of birth), Arkansas (my Dad's state of birth), and Oklahoma (bunch of North Texas […]

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