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More on Using the Airline Model of Pricing to Price Tickets

Matt Phillips at a Wall Street Journal blog called "Middle Seat Terminal" takes up this TSE post on the San Francisco Giants using the airline pricing model:

August 15, 2022
ticket pricing

Ticket Scalping in Missouri - Now It's Legal

In Missouri, ticket scalping at prices above face value is now legal..

August 10, 2022
ticket demand

Stub Hub and MLB Ticketing

This week's issue of the Sports Business Journal has an interesting article about ticket sales for MLB and the relationship of the league to Stub Hub. Written

August 11, 2022

Ticketless Trojan Game

I've had an longtime fascination with gameday ticket resell, not just the analytics and systematic data study but in a "hands-on" way -- I guess you could

August 9, 2022
ncaa; college sports; football

Football in Dixie

After my futile attempt to secure tickets to the USC-Ohio State game (Ticketless Trojan), a friend passed along a copy of Dixieland Delight: A Football Season

August 16, 2022
college football