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Ticket Prices and Team Quality

The Kansas City Royals have raised ticket prices for next season by 15%. This announcement comes on the heels of another not-so stellar season. It also comes

June 1, 2023
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The Use of the Two-Part Tariff in College Ticket Pricing

I've written before that when you look at how college athletic department officials make business decisions, they act a lot like their professional

June 8, 2023
college basketball

The Economics of the New Yankee Stadium

From the NY Post:

June 5, 2023
ticket prices

Yanks Slash Ticket Prices

June 2, 2023

Revealed Preference: Cricket and Organ Sale Edition

Courtesy of Tyler at Marginal Revolution, a news report about a cricket fan who has offered to exchange one of his kidneys for a ticket to the Cricket World

May 31, 2023

Minnesota Senate Tackles Scalping

This bill won't make it to King's list of silly bills: student Brian Rude notified me that the Minnesota senate has passed a bill to legalize scalping. A

June 6, 2023