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Does Soccer Have a Chance to Ever Become a Major Sport in North America?

After spending some time in England last summer and planning to return this summer, I have spent much more time than I ever imagined watching soccer, both

June 5, 2023

The Madness Grows

Selection Sunday has arrived. By nightfall, the field of 65 teams that will participate in the spectacle known as the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball

May 31, 2023
college sports

NHL TV deal is Canadian business story of the year

The Canadian Press has chosen the new television deal between Rogers Communications and the National Hockey League (NHL) as the 2013 business story of the

June 8, 2023

Baseball and the Economy: What Happened to TV Ratings?

Attendance at MLB games this past season was 6.9% lower than it had been the previous year. That is a HUGE drop. An intriguing question is, what happened?

May 31, 2023

Astounding Breakthrough in Tournament Design

Not sure if you noticed it, but college basketball started last night. The schedule still needs fixing. The NCAA men's championship game takes place before

June 2, 2023
college basketball

AFL Rights Deal Bonanza

The Australian Football League yesterday announced the details of their 2012-2016 media rights deal.  The total aggregate package of A$1.253 billion (US$1.37

June 7, 2023
"billion dollar barrier"