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Revenue Sharing and Salary Caps: Will the NFL End Up Like the Big XII?

Many folks point to the NFL revenue sharing system and its salary cap as the determinants behind the more-or-less balanced competition between the teams.

June 2, 2023
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The Perils of Revenue Sharing

This report from ESPN highlights one of the incentive problems associated with revenue sharing. According to leaked financial documents, the Pittsburgh

June 9, 2023

Revenue Sharing in MLB

Michael Lewis has an Op-Ed in the NYTimes this morning, pointing out that the present revenue-sharing formula in major league baseball does little to affect

June 6, 2023
revenue sharing; competitive balance

Redistribution is No Free Lunch

In the April issue of the Southern Economic Journal, John Solow and Anthony Krautmann explore the effects of 1995 MLB agreement whereby 17% of all local team

June 5, 2023
revenue sharing; competitive balance