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Why are Concessions so Cheap at the Masters?

Some of the explanations include:

June 5, 2023

Fans as Inputs, An Apparently On-Going Series

In an earlier post I mentioned that there aren't too many treatments in the formal sports economics literature that examine fans as inputs. One notable

June 6, 2023
elasticity of demand

Fans as Inputs

After last night's Twins/Tigers game - helluva game, no? - the announcers for TBS mentioned that the fans played a big part in the Twins win. 54,000 Twins

June 7, 2023

Non-profits Often Behave Like For-Profits

This morning's St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an article on the Southlake (Tx) Carroll Dragons football program. Southlake, a suburb of Fort Worth, is a wealthy

June 7, 2023
demand for sports