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Judge Rejects Jim Balsillie's Offer for the Pheonix Coyotes, Reaffirms Single Entity Status in Franchise Location Decisions

Judge Redfield Baum has rejected Jim Balsillie's offer to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. The NHL was adamantly against Balsillie's offer because of his desire to

August 10, 2022
exclusive territories

Ice Hockey Success in the Sun Belt

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by John Miller about a story he was writing on the Phoenix Coyotes. As readers of EZDzine are well aware,

August 18, 2022
economic development

Some More Stuff on the Coyotes' Bankruptcy Filing

In Professor Vic's post yesterday afternoon, he had a few questions regarding the Phoenix Coyotes' filing for bankruptcy. You might recall that the Coyotes

August 11, 2022