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"Looking at the Monopsony in the Mirror"

Although still a distant second to monopoly, buyer power and monopsony are hot topics in the antitrust community. Despite the increasing interest in monopsony

June 2, 2023

What to do if you’ve been injured in a sporting accident

As you might expect, sports injury claims are common. Whether your chosen sport involves a ball, a puck, fast cars on a track or padded gloves in a ring, over

May 28, 2023

Sports Law & Economics

Much of the scholarly work of sports economists would be reasonably categorised as "law & economics" type work. So recently, when our friends at the

May 30, 2023

Copyright decision threatens value of Australian internet media rights

Yesterday (1 Feb 2012), Federal Court of Australia Justice Rares ruled in favour of Optus (SingTel), Australia's second-largest telecommunications company, in

May 31, 2023
australian football league

NFL Draft Trifecta

If Phil Miller's Saturday post on the NFL draft is Day 1, and Brian Goff's Monday post on the NFL draft is Day 2, let's finish this off the trifecta with a

May 30, 2023