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Announcing the New Quebec City Arena...

Big news out of Quebec today.  The Province of Quebec and the Quebec City government announced formal plans to build a new arena in Quebec City.  The new

June 2, 2023

The Most Interesting College Football Offseason Ever?

As a long time college football fan, the past few months have to be the most interesting off season I can remember.  Here are a few of the highlights (or

June 8, 2023
conference realignment

The Baltimore Charm

It's official. The Baltimore expansion franchise in the LFL, Lingerie Football League for the uninformed, will be called the Baltimore Charm. For those

June 4, 2023
demand for football

My Limitations as a Forecaster

I am a terrible forecaster. I used to teach a class on economic forecasting. After teaching the class several times, my forecasting limitations were painfully

June 8, 2023

NFL Draft Shenanigans

Entry drafts are used by all professional sports leagues in North America to allocate incoming talent to teams. They create monopsony power for teams because

June 9, 2023